FLOWERS OF CHAOS by Cecilia Freschini on ExhibitContainer, VisualcontainerTv, until Jan 18 2012

VisualcontainerTv presents on ExhibitContainer – format dedicated to the most interesting international Videoart projects and festivals- “Flowers Of Chaos ” Chinese Animation Videoart selection curated by Cecilia Freschini (independent curator based in Beijing) in collaboration with Artverona Fair (It). 19 December to 18 January 2012. Only on VisualcontainerTV: – Project Statement: The aim of this project is to highlight a specific sector of Chinese video art by focussing attention on its particular origins. What do the artists selected, all from the Chinese mainland, see when they look around? Chaos! Overwhelming disorder, which they deal with through their voice: tales and allegories that investigate today’s society in an ironic manner, though without being afraid of tackling the Party’s heavy ideology. >

Like plants growing in a hostile terrain, their roots burrow deep down towards an uncertain source of nutrition, and they proliferate in the depths, beyond naked social distress. They are flowers born from chaos, drunk with the energy that surrounds them, but also fatigued by the continuous and incessant process of urban modernization.

In their search for an identity they are forced to elude the oppression that has so harshly tested their very creative survival.
By Cecilia Freschini

Video selection:
Chen Shaoxiong, “Ink city”, 2005, Animation, b/w, 3’
Cindy Ng Sio Ieng “Ink Walk, 2009, Video, 6’ 08’’
Jin Shan, “Kill”, 2009, Animation, black-and-white, 2’11’’
Ma Yongfeng, “Wrong”, 2008, Animation, 1’30’’
Qi Yang, “Lotus Dance”, 2004, Animation, 2’50’’
Sun Xun, “People’s Republic of Zoo”, 2009, Animazione, 7’49”
Wang Bo, “Day Dream”, 2006, Video Animation, 8’ 31’’
Wu Junyong, “Flowers of Chaos”, 2009, Animation, 3’35’’
Zhang Xiaotao, “Scar”, 2009, Animation, 11’27”

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Cecilia Freschini 茜茜
Contamporary Art Research

Cecilia Freschini is an independent curator and art writer based in China. In 2009 she was Director and Curator of the Chinese Pavilion at the 4th Prague Biennial, with the project “China Box”. After working partnerships with National Art Museums in Verona, Palazzo Forti, and in Bologna with GAM, and with private galleries, in 2005 Cecilia moved to China. Fascinated by the dynamic environment in China she has curatored several cultural projects between Europe and China. She has specialized in contemporary Chinese visual and performing arts, succeeding in organizing several exchanges and collaborations with international galleries, institutions, art fairs and magazines. Her writings on contemporary art and market appear regularly in Flash Art International, Exibart On Paper, Lobodilattice, Art Manager and Contemporary Art and Investment, books and exhibition catalogues. Cecilia Freschini has graduated from the International Finance & Economy Department of Bologna University, with a specialization’s degree in Contemporary Art Management in 2004.

In 2010, she curated the first Chinese video art animation project in Europe, called: Flowers of Chaos”. Then, on Feb 2011 she take the Chinese artist Chen Hangfeng, for the first time in Italy.

During the spring 2011, she decide to give her answer and contribute to the precarious and difficult political Italian situation and to the 150th Anniversary of the Italian Constitution, with the project “Danno d’Immagine”, an Italian group show in Beijing.